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* We are thankful to have gotten through Hurricane Earl OK.  The picture above is of a house only a few miles from us.  Others had flooding, roofs blown off, etc., but we and most of the people we know fared well.  Please pray for those still recovering.

 * We are thankful to have arrived safely in April 2010, to our new field

 * We request prayer for continued health & safety

 * We are thankful for both communities we're working with:  Spanish and English-speaking

 * We request prayer that we may build good relationships, and be effective in the ministries that the Lord has for us here

 * We are thankful that Christina is making a good adjustment:  she has found friends, has been cheerful, helpful & happy, and has done reasonably well with her schoolwork...She started sixth grade here at "St. Michael's" in September (was home-schooled in the interim between our time at language school in Costa Rica and until now here in Antigua).

* We are thankful for all the prayer and financial support that got us to the field and sustains us here.  ["It's the financial support that keeps missionaries in the field and it's the prayers that make them effective."]





* Please pray for Emily as she has been enrolled in Bible school in Massachusetts since just before we arrived here.  In addition to her studies, she's heavily involved in ministry, and has some big decisions ahead of her.

* Please pray for Havilah & Billy (pictured at the bottom of this page with baby Joshua, now two years old) as they continue to walk down the path of marriage, parenthood, jobs/education, and service to God through their local church together.

* Please pray for salvation, restoration, and keeping of other family and loved ones.


Havilah, Emily, Joshua

This is the view we have while on "Skype" with our family, whom we miss very much (including Billy not pictured - and other family and friends back home). 


                                                                     thank you so much for your prayers


Older Praise Reports: 

Tim and Beth at Graduation

This photo shows Tim & Beth, along with Dawn Amsler (new serving in the Dominican Republic) and some of the professors of CINCEL (Luis Solano, Lizbeth Palomo, and Giselle Mata) - at graduation from our Spanish language training in December 2009.  We were so thankful to have made it through language school!

* We thank God that Emily had a successful summer [2009] of ministry in Central America (see pictures in the Photo Gallery section).

* We were thanking and praising God that He sustained Beth through a medical crisis that ended in the placement of a permanent pacemaker, on March 3rd, 2009.  We could have lost her but the doctors at "Clinica Biblica" in San José were able to diagnose the problem and do what was necessary to keep her alive, and now we are trusting that she will have many fruitful years of life and ministry ahead of her!

The Lord is My Shepherd 

* "THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD"  Emily and Christina in the hospital lobby during Beth's lengthy stay at Clinica Biblica which became our second home.  Beth was recovering from the heart failure, the implantation of the pacemaker, and secondary problems that also became very serious.  This hospital was started by missionaries in 1929 and today is one of the best facilities in Costa Rica.  We thank God!


* We thank God for our parents, families, home church, and the A/G Fellowship that we're blessed to be a part of.


* Havilah and Billy had their baby, Joshua Bryan Roman, on November 16th, 2008.  He weighed 7 lbs., 6 oz.  Tim & Beth are happy to be grandparents!

Billy gazes at his new son

Billy gazes at his new son 

Havilah holds Joshua at home

Havilah holds baby Joshua at home, Dec. 2008.

Havilah & Billy were married in May of 2007, and make their home in Vineland, New Jersey.

They are very active at Church for all Nations - Bridgeton, NJ.


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