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Our family was invited to join a team from the Asamblea de Dios - the 'mother church' in Antigua - to visit and encourage their sister-churches in St. Kitts and in Nevis, Sep. 25th to Oct. 2nd 2010.

This will mostly be a photo-blog.  Pictures were taken by Beth, Christina, and Tim.  Of course, there was a lot that was not captured in photos. 

{If interested there are more photos in our Facebook account:  look us up ~ "TimandBeth Pike"}

Please keep in mind that this was really a ministry of the Spanish Church.  We were invited to go along, and we went as servants and team participants.  Our Spanish got a real workout as we were immersed perhaps more than we've ever been, for the 8 days away from Antigua.  There were also a lot of (sometimes very funny) miscommunications and misunderstandings, as I'm sure you can imagine. 

It certainly was an interesting trip for our family and in addition to many lives being touched by the power of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit, we ourselves learned much.

Team by Church

It was our understanding that though there's a substantial Dominican population in St. Kitts, this is the only Spanish Church on the island.



Sowers going forth into the byways of Basseterre, the capital of St. Kitts


Beth shares

We went to the streets and also house-to-house, sharing the Gospel and announcing the meetings in their neighborhood 


2 guys

These guys were friendly and open to our sharing (but not everybody was).


Chichita and Beth

Chichita and Beth heading back to the house


Christina and Rosie

Christina & Rosie Foe


loud worship 

The worship was very exuberant!


altar ministry

Ministry at the altar


Tim Basseterre

 Tim preaching while brother "Mega" translates


Beth on Ferry 

The 40-minute ferry ride on Wednesday, from St. Kitts to Nevis


the church

The church in Nevis.  We stayed on the second floor while there.


Beth Sharing

Beth sharing in Spanish


Christina special music

Christina sang "How Great Is Our God" in English & Spanish.


Tim Nevis

In Nevis Brother James Walcott provided the translation


children Nevis

Beth took the kids upstairs and did children's ministry during the services 


C and puppy

Christina found a new friend at the house of "La Pastora" 



Altar Ministry in Nevis - lives were touched and changed.


Christina and Daddy

At the St. Kitts airport, preparing to fly back to Antigua.  The shirts say, "Breaking Down the Walls"...

aerial photo

This is the view of Antigua as we approached the runway.


drama Antigua 1

Back in Antigua we did one of our 3 drama's for the Asamblea de Dios church 


drama Antigua 2


Drama Antigua 3

It was good to be back in our 'home church' in Antigua