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The Story of Aury-Nicole

As you know Beth has been doing children’s ministry at the Spanish Church.  Up until now there’s not been much at all for the kids, and they've really taken to Beth.  One young girl, “Aury”, approached Beth when we’d only been here a couple months and asked Beth to adopt her.  This sounds almost like a joke but she was perfectly serious.  

Aury is the same age as Christina, and like many of the Spanish kids on this English-speaking island she’s fairly bilingual so we speak to each other in our respective broken Spanish and broken English, and manage to communicate fairly well.  Like almost all the children we’ve gotten to know here, whether Spanish or English, Aury has brothers and sisters from different dads, and the dads don’t seem to be around.  Her mother has been left in poverty.  In Aury’s case her real father was shot and killed in a bar back in the Dominican Republic when she was only four.

A number of years ago Aury was left with her grandmother there in the D.R. when her mom came here to Antigua, to try to find a better life.  About two years ago Aury’s mom sent for her and she arrived, not knowing any English, but placed in the English public school system here, which she found very difficult.

 Aury 1

Aury 2 




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